Travelling Nut Screw Jack

Screw jacks where lead screw rotates around its own axis instead of translating up and down.

Travelling Nut Screw Jack

Travelling Nut Screw Jack

Travelling nut screw jacks are also known as rotating screw jacks. The component configuration for travelling nut screw jacks is not the same as that of translating screw jacks. In this design (travelling nut screw jack), the lead screw is fixed to the worm gear and rotation of the worm gear causes rotation of the lead screw. A flanged travelling nut is placed on the lead screw and it translates along the lead screw when the worm gear rotates. The load is carried by the traveling nut which is generally made of bronze material for improved durability. The linear travel speed of translating nut depends on the thread size, pitch and rotation ratio of worm gears. Travelling nut screw jacks are ideal for applications where the physical space does not allow the lifting screw to extend below or above the housing. Rotating screw jacks are also useful when it is not possible to fully guide the load.


  • 14 different models with lifting capacities from 5 to 2,000 kN
  • Drive motor speed up to 1,500 rpm
  • Self-locking trapezoidal screw to prevent unintended motion ( Read More: What is Self Locking )
  • Two different speed options for each model (Normal Speed “X” and Slow Speed “Y”)

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