Translating Screw Jack

Main components of screw jacks are; trapezoidal lifting screw, worm screw, worm gear and gear housing.

Translating Screw Jack

Translating Screw Jack

The configuration of translating screw jacks differs from that of travelling nut screw jacks. In translating screw jacks, the trapezoidal lifting screw (also referred to as the lead screw) travels up and down through the gear housing. This linear motion is caused by the rotating bronze gear which is rotated by a worm shaft. The worm gear is threaded to accommodate the lifting screw thread. The gear housing provides a contained volume and mechanical support to hold the external forces applied on the lead screw and housing. The worm shaft can be turned by an electric motor or manually with a handwheel depending on the load, torque to be applied on the shaft and type of application.

As the worm gear rotates, the friction forces between the worm gear and screw thread act to turn the lifting screw also. The greater the lifting load on the screw jack, the greater the tendency of the lead screw to turn together with the worm gear. If the lead screw turns with the worm gear, it can not move linearly and it can not provide the desired force on the load. So, the load should be restrained from turning to achieve linear motion. If the application requires a free load and there is no possibility to prevent self turning, the design of the screw jack has to be changed and an anti-rotation mechanism should be used. The screw jack anti-rotation mechanism has a keyed lifting screw. The keyed design prevents the trapezoidal lifting screw to rotate around its axis and delivers linear motion.


  • 14 different models with lifting capacities from 5 to 2,000 kN
  • Drive motor speed up to 1,500 rpm
  • Self-locking trapezoidal screw to prevent unintended motion ( Read More: What is Self Locking )
  • Two different speed options for each model (Normal Speed “X” and Slow Speed “Y”)

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